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Marble is a metamorphic rock formed when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure. It composes mainly of calcite (CaCO3), comes with great variety of colours due to deposition of other minerals. For many years, marble has been a popular choice in many building projects due to its natural beauty.
Prom Import Marble - Perlato Giallo_8Z.pngProm Langkawi Mix_ZC.pngProm Ipoh Marble - BW 2_D9.png Prom Ipoh Marble - BW 11_47.png
2'x2' Import Marble
Perlato Giallo
(from RM9 per sq.ft.)
Langkawi Mix
(from RM1.5 per pc)
2'x2' Ipoh Marble
BW 2
(from RM7 per sq.ft.)
2'x2' Ipoh Marble
BW 11
(from RM7 per sq.ft.)
Prom Ipoh Marble - BM 14_AC.png180226 Import Marble Perlato Pink 03_29.png180226 Persian Perlato 03_2E.png 
2'x2' Ipoh Marble
BM 14
(from RM5 per sq. ft.)

2'x2' Import Marble
Perlato Pink
(from RM9 per sq.ft.)

Persian Perlato -
15mm thickness
(from RM14 per sq.ft.)

marble2_BlackMarquina_1E.pngmarble2_Botticino_AA.pngmarble2_CreamaProsper_46.pngmarble3_Crystal White_C4.png
Black MarquinaBotticinoCreama Prosper Crystal White
marble3_Dark Emperador_C6.pngmarble2_EiffelWhite_9F.pngmarble3_Grey Marquina_85.pngmarble2_GreySerpeggiante_Z7.png
 Dark EmperadorEiffel WhiteGrey MarquinaGrey Serpeggiante
 creama nova with shadow2_98.png New_Marfil_for_web_32.pngmarble2_Mystique_2Z.pngmarble2_NovaCream_A9.png
 Creama NovaNew Marfil            MystiqueNova Cream
 Perla BeigePerlato BeigePerlato GialloPersian Beige
Persian Perlato Portoro GoldRosso Alicante Royal Botticino
marble2_RoyalClassic_63.pngmarble2_TamadaBeige_A9.pngmarble2_VerdeAlpe_99.png 300x300 aristone_5F.png
 Royal ClassicTamada BeigeVerde AlpeAristone
 300x300 silver dragon_5Z.png300x300 nordic grey_86.png300x300 crocodile_AF.png 300x300 white carrara_1F.png
 Silver DragonNordic GreyCrocodileWhite Carrara  
 marble 180226 China White_4A.pngcreama nova with shadow2_98.png 300x300 white onyx_A8.png 300x300 fossil beige_Z9.png
China WhiteCreama NovaWhite OnyxFossil Beige
 marble 180226 New Marfil_58.pngmarble 180226 New Volakas_2F.png
 marble 180226 Red Rose_Z6.png 
 New Marfil New VolakasRed Rose 
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